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Spreading Joy August 1, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


So we need to get back on track huh brother? Well, in your defense, you don’t have Internet at the house, but what is my defense exactly? No excuses really. Except I suppose it can be said that I am a better blogger overseas! Lord willing, I will be back there soon.

Anyhow, I was at the grocery store today. At this particular market, I see the same man rather regularly. He is an older gentleman, but not too old, and he may be a little slow mentality. Or a little simple. But everytime I see him, I am encouraged. I walk away happier for having encountered him. Today was no different. He was out in front of the store organizing the new carts that he was excited about. And in his enthusiasm he was telling each person about that and encouraging them to make use of them.

Now, the carts were kind of nice. Not to big and easy to use, but in the end, they were carts. Not that big of deal really. But he was excited about them and everyone knew it. You could not help but know it. For again, he was out in front of the store greeting you with the good news. And then, after my shopping was done, I left the store and was joyously wished a good day by the same man.

You might think that I have some huge lesson to draw out of this, but that is not the case. Then again, maybe the lesson is bigger than we might think. Do we realize how far a joy-filled greeting goes in the transformation of society and culture? Think of it. In his eight hour shift, that man will surely encounter hundreds of people. And most of them–or maybe all of them–will walk away better for having seen him. At the very least, they will walk away with a great happiness of heart–all through a simple, sincere greeting and the recommendation of a new cart.

Is that a big deal? It depends how you look at it I suppose, but at the very least, we can learn the good lesson that how we interact with others at the simplest level goes much further than we could possibly know. How are we doing here Lar? Let’s take note. And let’s aim to spread the joy of the Lord wherever we might travel.

Seeking to spread joy with you,



1. ralph - August 1, 2007


Your post reminded me of the Liberty Mutual TV commercials that have been airing recently. You can see them at http://www.whyresponsibility.com. The commercials illustrate your point perfectly.

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