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Old Truth and Intellectual Gymnastics August 3, 2007

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings.


When you get a chance, check out this website, www.oldtruth.com. It looks like a good one.

Also, here is an article from Al Mohler that is about two weeks old. In it, he addresses the comments of a female professor who somehow argues that Martin Luther would not be against homosexuality if he were alive today. And the really incredible thing is that she has probably read much more of Martin Luther than you or I have Lar. I suppose it just goes to show that one can obtain various degrees and a whole lot of information without truly growing in wisdom. The arguments she makes (which Mohler cites) fail to connect. They really are a feat in intellectual gymnastics.

But lest we single her out by herself, let us remember that we do the same thing more or less every single day. All of us are good at justifying what we want to believe. Or drumming up support from a random comment of someone we respect, even though we are actually ripping it out of context. Or whatever else you can think of. The heart is deceitful above all else and desperately sick. Who can understand it? Surely not you or I, though by God’s grace, we must strive more and more to do so.

Let’s beware of our tricky hearts Lar. And let’s pray for one another as long as it is called today, lest either of us be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

Seeking Him with you,



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