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Christ the Controversialist August 7, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Quotes.


And all our blog readers, thanks for bearing with me over the past month or so!  Hopefully this week I will start to get back into the swing of things.  Moving into a new house (in which we still don’t have internet access) and having our first baby has made this last month pretty crazy!  But I’m hoping that things will start to settle down, and to get going with some blogging.  Hopefully our negligence in the past month hasn’t cut down our readership too much!

While much has changed for me in the past month, some things haven’t.  Doctrinal ‘debates’ are still the norm for me.  In the last couple of weeks I have upset some people with a message I preached from the Sermon on the Mount regarding Divorce and Remarriage, and on Sunday at church I was handed a piece of paper with some verses in Jeremiah suggesting that God does not know some future events.

In checking into the verses from Jeremiah, I pulled out my copy of Beyond the Bounds.  I loved reading Justin Taylor’s introduction on why debating doctrinal matters is both important and truly loving.  He referred to a book by John Stott called, ‘Christ the Controversialist’, and shared a quote from Stott that I thought was great:

“We seem in our generation to have moved a long way from this vehement zeal for the truth which Christ and his apostles displayed.  But if we loved the glory of God more, and if we cared more for the eternal good of the souls of men, we would not refuse to engage in necessary controversy, when the truth of the gospel is at stake.  This apostolic command is clear.  We are ‘to maintain the truth in love,’ being neither truthless in our love, nor loveless in our truth, but holding the two in balance.” 

Those are wise words.  I walked away from that quote encouraged to continue standing strong for the precious truths of God’s Word, and longing to stand with both truth and love.   To neglect either is to belittle the glory of God and injure the good of mankind.




1. Andrew Sturt - August 8, 2007


You don’t know me. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve been studying the Sermon on the Mount just recently and I was wondering if the sermons you mentioned in this post are posted online anywhere as I’d really like to hear what you had to say about divorce and remarriage.

If you could email me a reply, that would be awesome.

Yours in His service,


2. larrylaz - August 8, 2007


I’ll be emailing you in just a minute, but in case others are curious. You can access all the messages from the Sermon on the Mount that I have preached by clicking ‘Koinonia Sermons’ on the sidebar of this blog, under the heading ‘Personal Sites’. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the divorce/remarriage message if you get a chance to listen to it.


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