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Meditations on Fatherhood, #4 August 14, 2007

Posted by larrylaz in Random Musings.


Last week I shared a few of my meditations on fatherhood from the first three weeks of Halle’s life. I still have a few left that I didn’t get to, so hopefully I can share the rest of them this week. Here’s the fourth one:

In watching my little daughter, I am convicted about my own lack of faith in future grace. Of course you know that is the name of a book by John Piper, a book that has had a big influence on how I seek to live the Christian life. The conviction of that book is that all sin is the result of unbelief in God’s promises; therefore the way to fight sin is to fight the fight of faith that God will be faithful to keep all of His many promises to me.

I have especially been convicted about this as I watch Halle at mealtime. It is really a simple routine for newborns. They sleep, they wake up, and then you feed them. Then they stay up for a little bit, you put them back to sleep, and then the whole process starts over. Of course it’s not always that simple, but that’s the deal. For the last three weeks, when Halle wakes up she gets the milk she so eagerly desires.

Yet amazingly (not really, she is only three weeks old!), Halle does not seem to have faith in future grace. Around 8 times a day for the last three weeks, Halle has gotten milk when she needs it. Yet this morning as it’s time to feed, she still cries as though she doesn’t believe that the milk is going to be there this time. One day Michelle said to her, ‘C’mon girl, you’ve got to have faith in future grace! The milk’s been there for you every time you have needed it, and it will continue to be there for you just like it always has been there for you.’

And immediately it hit me, why should I be surprised that Halle can’t seem to grasp that the milk has always been there for her, when I often sin because I lack faith that God is going to continue to do for me what He has been doing for me for almost thirty years: supplying me with all I need and satisfying every heart’s desire.

I have been challenged about my own lingering unbelief as I have watched our little girl ‘worry’ about not getting her milk. May God help us all to believe that as God has been, He forever will be.




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