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Baptism and Church Membership August 22, 2007

Posted by Joe in Links.


Lord willing, I will check back in later with some more thoughts, but for now, I thought it would be helpful to make sure everyone read Justin Taylor’s summary of the matter first.

I need to read and discern a bit more through it to give my thoughts, but now, I definitely agree with Storm’s assertion. Of course, after reading some more, I might end up disagreeing, but we shall see….

Seeking Him with you,



1. Erin - August 22, 2007

Ok, the more I read on this, the more my head spins! I am seeing a couple of things here:
1. Jesus commanded us to be baptized: Does that mean any type of baptism counts? Infant or believer?
2. If only a believer baptism counts, then those who have not been baptized as believers are in sin, as Dever said.
3. I especially thought Abraham Piper had some good points though on saying that if they are in unrepentant sin than they are of the devila nd not true brothers to be fellowshipping with at any time under then name of being Christians.

I am really not sure, but because this issue seems to have so many highly respected and well thought out men in the past on both sides, it seems to me that it cannot be a central doctrine to keep someone out of church fellowship or from the Lord’s Table. I am leaning more with new Piper and old Grudem at this point.

Can’t wait to hear everyone else’s thoughts so mine can be helped to be sorted out as well!

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