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Thankful for Labor September 4, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings.


I am setting this post to go up on Tuesday, though I am writing it on Monday night. As I am sure you are aware, today was Labor Day. So there were a few posts in the blogosphere that communicated God’s perspective on the matter. Three of them can be found here.

Anyhow, I wanted to offer a few of my own reflections. I think I have done enough of ‘linking’ for a bit. Reflections are needed–at least for me! As you know, I have been thinking a great deal about the topic of work. In a sense I have been forced to, for I have felt a great need to know God’s perspective on my playing basketball or doing whatever else I might do (including fixing up the yard!). So I have been reading and thinking for quite some time, doing my best to keep before my mind’s eye the topic of calling or vocation and consequently, labor or work.

I’ll tell you brother, this season of thinking and reading has been one of the most fruitful for my soul. For it has brought me to a place where I have just begun to really realize that all things can be done to the glory of God–just as we are commanded to do. Though I might have quoted 1 Corinthians 10:31 often enough, (“Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”), something within me just couldn’t embrace it. After all, the vast majority of my life is spent in ‘normal’ world, you know, the routine things of life. Though I spend my share of time reading and reflecting and praying, I still have to workout (my work) and mow the grass and hang out with my kids and whatever else I have to do. Then I also watch movies and play golf and do a thousand other things that might not seem very applicable to the kingdom of God. At least that is what I thought.

And although some of these activities are different than my work, or the things that revolve around my job, in that they are voluntary, I mention them to make the point that I have often struggled with many of these things. That is, I have struggled to fully enjoy them, for deep within, my worldview was so limited that it would not support such activities, because, I would ask, “Shouldn’t I be seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness?” And of course, the answer was always (as it should be), “Yes.”

But what I realize now is that the pursuit of the kingdom encompasses all of life. It encompasses the mowing of my grass and especially the way in which I go about my work. After all, work is pre-fall. It was there in the beginning. Adam was commanded by God to take care and cultivate the earth. He was called to bring out all the potential that was in the earth to the glory of God. Yes, He was called to seek first the kingdom by fashioning a world that aptly reflected the glory of the King.

And the glory of our King is that He has created us to enjoy various spheres of life. He has called us to shine forth His worth and beauty in every single thing that we do. And indeed, we ought to pursue the kingdom in every sphere, and to pursue a worldview that would see how we might do so in every sphere. For when we begin to taste of such a thing, yard work takes on a whole new meaning. So does hanging with the kids and watching movies and hitting golf balls or whatever else. Isn’t it wonderful that we can do all things to His glory? I still don’t know perfectly how I might do so, but I at least rejoice in the fact that it is possible.

Alright brother, that is enough random musing for this evening. Lord willing, I will catch you soon. For now, let is be our aim brother to see the Lord in all our work and in all our rest and in all our celebrating, that is, to see how we might faithfully make His rule and reign known in the various spheres the Lord has called us to dominate or cultivate to His glory.

Seeking first the kingdom with you,



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