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Self-Deceit September 5, 2007

Posted by Joe in Links, Random Musings.


Great link, though I fully confess there is something in me that would rather not have read it. O yea, that is the same something that is being addressed in that post. So subtle is our arrogance isn’t it? Indeed, it can be though it is not always the case. At times it is obvious, but I know that I am O so good at carefully maneuvering my way around my pride, so as to make it look less terrible than it actually is (or something other than what it is). I remember Tozer saying that one evidence of pride is our ‘humbly’ confessing certain sins before God, but resenting the same things said about us by others or particularly, by our wife. Another is our so called brokeness over our failure to attain a certain Christian ideal. We might seem contrite, but the problem is that we have failed to live up to our own high expectations. And our expectations are high because we are so proud.

In light of that last post, I wanted to link to this one as well. The post is called “The Offspring of Pride” and lists 11 things that pride leads to. They are taken from a sermon by the Puritan, Richard Mayo.

I am with almost every single one. The only one that I do not agree with is number 7, self-deceit. And I wanted to get your take on the matter. For when I look at the events that led up to the fall, I see self-deceit preceding pride. Think about it, pride can only grow in the soils of self-deceit. That is, pride is a false opinion of oneself. So pride is based on an incomplete or inaccurate knowledge of oneself. Satan distorted reality before Adam and Eve acted in pride. He led them to believe that they were something that they were not (self-deceit) and thus, they became proud.

On the flip side, humility grows only in the soil of self-knowledge. That is, our humility (or lack there of) is based entirely on a clarity of spiritual sight. Growth in humility flows from growth in the knowledge of God and thus, the knowledge of ourselves. The only times we act in pride (which is sadly quite often) are times in which we are not seeing clearly.

I could go, but please give me your thoughts on the matter. I am not even proofreading this post, so I am confident that I could make things a bit clearer, but this should serve to get a short discussion started. And I do think a discussion of sorts is needed, for this is a very important matter. Why? Because our answer determines how we will fight the fight against pride and for humility. And in my opinion that fight is fought primarily by fighting for an accurate knowledge of God. For the knowledge of God leads to a knowledge of oneself. And this light cannot help but bring humility.

Alright enough for now.
Fighting for truth so that I might grow in humility,



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