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The Sluggard’s Craving September 13, 2007

Posted by Joe in Random Musings, Scripture Meditation.


Where are you brother? I need to get you back in blogging shape sometime soon here. When I get home, I will make sure to tie you down to your desk, so that you can pump out 10 posts or so that I can manage for you!

Anyhow, I wanted to share a short reflection I had the other day while playing hoops. (And yes, I will keep it short.) I was working out in the gym. Nothing fancy. Just doing my normal routine, while another guy entered the gym and began shooting on the other end. He was a younger guy I suppose who had his headphones on and looked like he really wanted to get a workout. His actions supported that notion as well, because he began shooting and running around quite frantically in some respects. Three-pointers and intense moves to the hoop filled up most of his time.

The one thing I could not help but take notice of, however, was the simple fact that he was absolutely horrible. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. He was just plain horrible. He was flying through the lane and throwing up 3 foot shots that wouldn’t even hit rim. And that is not an easy feat. His three-point shot was flat and he didn’t make much, but he kept running around hard.

Another thing that I could not help but notice was the fact that he was a little frustrated with himself. And this, in particular, was what set up off to thinking. For here was this guy working out hard on the basketball court in a way that was not really constructive. Now, he was getting something of a workout, but he was a little frustrated and wasn’t really doing anything to improve his game. And, more than anything else, I knew that he had not done much in the past to improve his game. So why did he expect so much now?

Now, I realize that I may have been reading the situation wrongly. That is surely a possibility, but either way, the lesson that came to my mind is summed up in Proverbs 13:4, “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the soul of diligent is richly supplied.”

Note one main thing: the soul of the sluggard still craves. That’s big isn’t it? For you would think that someone who rarely plays basketball (as was this guy’s case) would by no means get disappointed when the ball didn’t go in the hoop. After all, it takes some skill and a great deal of practice. You would also think that I wouldn’t have expected to be a good golfer all those years (when I expected it that is,–for I don’t anymore!) when I rarely if ever played golf. Yet here we are, expecting good things while never preparing for them.

Now, this is one thing when it comes to athletics, but quite another when it comes to our spiritual lives. So the question I want to ask is this: Are we expecting good things while failing to diligently prepare for them? Are we expecting to be strong in suffering or great in our parenting or ministry or whatever else while we fail to prepare for greatness? Do we walk out on the court once a year and wonder why the ball doesn’t go in? Or do we go play golf now and again and get a little frustrated even though we never practice? I trust you get the picture. And I trust you would agree that this is something we could all work on.

Let us exhort ourselves Lar and take pains to be diligent in our preparation. Sure, we may not see the fruit today, but is it really today that we are worried about? A little to be sure, but not fully.

Seeking Him with you,



1. Re - September 17, 2007

surprised? it’s been a while…6-8 months….anyway, this is a good word!

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