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What is this blog?

blog-picture.jpg This blog is an ongoing conversation between two close friends and brothers in Jesus Christ, Joe Crispin and Larrry Lazarus. Currently, I (Joe) play professional basketball for a living. Larry leads Koinonia (18-25 year olds) at Joy Community Fellowship and works part-time. Joy is home church for us both. We are also united in our work for Seek Him Ministries, a para-church ministry that exists to spread a passion for Jesus Christ by calling all people to wholeheartedly seek Him. And in the end that is what we are all about, spreading that sweet passion for Jesus that will carry on forever with ever-increasing joy!

I (Joe) have been blessed with a wonderful wife, Erin, and two children, Abigail Lee (2 1/2 years old) and Elijah Joseph (6 months old). The Lord has blessed Larry with a wonderful wife as well, Michelle–and if Erin and I have anything to say about it, they will be having kids soon!

If you are up for it, here is a brief version of our story and a few words concerning the nature of this blog. Well, maybe the story is a little longer than brief and the words a little more than a few….Anyway, here it goes….

Larry and I met nine years ago at Penn State University. I can picture the day…walking in the basketball lockeroom as a little freshman and meeting the big head manager, Larry Lazarus (ok, so he’s not so big). I told Larry that very day that we would be close. But before you start thinking that I was operating in the prophetic, it should be mentioned that the reason I said that was because he was in charge of all the free gear!

But there the friendship began, and it did move forward for a few years. However, we would both agree that it really didn’t take off until we both came to know the Lord Jesus. Our various times at the gym and Hoss’s and Meyer Dairy were great, but they can’t hold a candle to a sweet unity of fellowship with our great Savior!

The Lord captured my heart first during the summer between my sophomore and junior years. I grew up in church, but knew nothing of a living, vital, heart-satisfying relationship with Jesus. When I returned to campus, I could not help but share the good news of salvation in Christ. So one day I casually told Larry that he had missed his Messiah!

You see, Larry is Jewish (and still is, but now true and fulfilled and bona fide in Jesus) and had grown up attending Hebrew academies. But he saw the change in my life and said he would check things out. So we had numerous rich conversations and, during his second semester, Larry began to dig into the New Testament. The conversations continued (filled with a bunch of rather pathetic answers by me!) and one day–and the day was sweet!–I asked Lar where he stood with God. He calmly replied, “I am with you.” My heart soared and our relationship has truly never been the same.

How could it be really? For we had become united in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our hearts now had one holy aim. We were partakers of the same joy! So the growth then began and has continued–and the joy has increased. The Lord has granted much grace and we have done much seeking. Today, we live around the corner from one another and enjoy sharing all things. But with my family and I spending much of the year away (as we normally do) this online conversation will be sweet.

We don’t know where it will go really, what topics we might cover or insights we might have (if any). But that is what makes it so fun. It’s like any conversation I suppose. You never know where it might travel or who might enter in. So whatever it is, we won’t be shy, and it is our hope that neither will you! We welcome questions or comments, topics to tackle (or to ignore!). We love to talk (maybe me a little more I confess!), and whatever the topic might be, we will do our best, by God’s great grace, to be faithful to the Word of God and our great Savior!

So tune in. Check us out. We are looking forward to this and hoping that maybe someday soon, others will look forward to checking in on us as well. But let it be clear–O please let it be clear!–that we write not for our own glory, not to spout out our own opinions or convictions, but to do our best, by God’s great grace, to discern all things in light of the glorious gospel of Jesus. Our aim is to stir up others as we seek to stir up one another to love and good deeds to the praise of His glory. As long as the Lord sees fit to give us breath and grace, we will live for Jesus! And our hope and prayer is that if He leads you to check in on us here, He might grant you the grace to live for the same. Our great God is inifintely satisfying and available through His Son, Jesus Christ. May the Lord use our words to point all people to Him!

We love Him. And we love one another because of Him. It is our humble prayer that our love for Him and one another will be evident in all we say and a means through which you come to enjoy Him more. Thanks for listening. The Lord is good!

Seeking Him with you,
Joe and Larry


1. Dave - August 14, 2006

Joe and Larry,

Thank you for your open communication! Any thoughts about how this lines up with the first commandment give to us by him who is first in all things, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind.”?

Thank you for pointing out how Christ leads us out of Western World believes of unbalanced living (it seems to me we tend to be one sided so to speak in all we do), to a balance of head and heart. To this I also add complete commitment of my actions and possessing a strong impulse for God.

Thank you again, Dave

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